Luca Barra creates unique jewels that tells moments of life.


Luca Barra’s jewellery design is inspired and follows the market trends, style, and modern taste. Luca Barra creates unique jewels that tells moments of life, with the right balance of quality and great value for money.
The wide range of collections aims to satisfy different tastes and occasions of an increasingly variety and demanding customer base.
The key features of Luca Barra’s brand are:
Creativity, Ambition and Simplicity are the three main characteristics that fully identify with the company’s structure and that differentiate it from the rest of the market.


Creativity is the ultimate impulse that moves the Luca Barra world, the force that makes dreams possible. The desire not to stop at what is known, but rather pursue an ongoing innovation.


Ambition is essential to look to the future with new eyes, with a consistent desire to do better and better. An innate enthusiasm for the work we do, to constantly grow and perfect it.


Simplicity is the synonym of purity and transparency towards our customers and their collaborators. A genuine vivacity that makes all our collaborations responsive and open to the new, like the target we are aiming for.

Luca Barra brand is present in more than a thousand stores throughout Italy and thanks to the e-shop its distribution is expanding quicky to foreign markets.


The reality does not exist without dreams. Stories that come to life from a simple image, sketches and drawings that become highly desirable creations to be worn.

The strength of our company is represented by its design, strictly Made in Italy. The attention to detail, the continuous search for new materials and the continuous innovation, are the key elements for the success of the Luca Barra brand.

Choosing Luca Barra means choosing the originality of the shapes mixed with the quality of the materials and a great attention to the use of cutting-edge goldsmith technologies.

Wearing Luca Barra jewels is equivalent to identifying with contemporaneity and dynamism, satisfying the desire to stand out and always be fashionable, without excess.

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The Luca Barra’s warranty covers our jewels from any defect due to the manufacturing process. Any manufacturing defects and / or breakages that, following a careful check by our technicians, are deemed attributable to the company, will give the right to repair or replacement free of charge and based on the availability of the item.
Defects due to improper use, accidental events, alterations due to wear or repairs not carried out by our authorized service centres or negligent maintenance are excluded from the Luca Barra’s warranty.
The warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of purchase and must be accompanied by the authentic stamped receipt.


All Luca Barra’s jewels are made of the best quality hypoallergenic 316L stainless-steel or other precious metals, nickel free or treated to electronic palladium plating or enamelled.
Our stainless-steel jewels are treated with pink IP, gold IP and black IP, treatments that are much more resistant than the old plating. Some models are enriched with natural or synthetic crystals and synthetic pearls.


A minimum of precaution and care are enough for the care of a Luca Barra’s jewel. Avoid contact with detergents, bleach, ammonia, or alcohol. It is recommended to wear the jewel only after applications of perfumes, moisturizers, or body oils.
Store the jewel in the box or in a special jewellery box when not wearing it. To clean the jewel, use a soft cloth.

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